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BT vows to take you to paradise (well it did say Anywhere!)

broadband anywhere005
broadband anywhere005

broadband_anywhere005.jpgIt seems that BT is hell bent on trying to flog you all the frills while everyone else is offering the Easyjet
solution. Basically, the telecoms operator has launched a new addition
to its Total Broadband package that will let you surf the interweb and make calls anywhere but perhaps not strictly paradise).

It has unveiled its new BT Total Broadband Anywhere which, according to the specs we’ve been given, comes with a free internet-enabled smartphone – the BT ToGo
– which it reckons is worth 150 English pounds (who are we to argue
over that figure, although we do have questions over that!) An extra
fiver a month on top of yourBT Total Broadband Option 3 will get you this shiny new phone, which is an HTC
S620. It runs Windows Mobile but is re-skinned with a new interface
(apparently the normal Windows Mobile interface scares the horses).

the first three months the phone plus the broadband package costs only
£23.99 but afterwards will set you back a penny shy of £30. You also
have to sign up for an 18-month contract. However this does come with
50 cross network minutes, 50 texts and 10MB ofGPRS internet goodness. (if you want unlimited GPRS MBs that will costs an extra £5 a month –  well worth it if you are an avid surfer).

can also upgrade the package if, like everyone else, use the phone a
lot more than want is offered in the basic package. Included in the
basic package is anHTC S620 (the one with the tiny keys underneath the screen). For an extra £30 up front you can upgrade to the HTC
S710 (which has a slidey-out keyboard). Both phones have Wi-FI access
so can make cheap wireless calls in range of a wireless access point (a
BT Openzone one). Although we’d have liked the package better if it
came with a Blackberry or even an iPhone.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s consumer division, said:
"Communications services are converging, and it is clear that customers want
consistent access to the things that matter not only at home, but in the
palm of their hands wherever they are." Who are we to disagree – so how did BT Fusion fare?

More info can be found here.