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Review: Electrolux EDI 9615 Iron Aid Tumble Dryer

electrolux edi 96150 tumble dryer
electrolux edi 96150 tumble dryer

When my husband told me that we had this Electrolux EDI 9615 Iron Aid tumble dryer coming for
testing I wasn’t particularly bothered. How excited can you get about a
tumble dryer!! Well – the thought of drying clothes may not set the pulses racing – but this bit of
kitchen kit is great. If this tumble dryer was a car, Jeremy Clarkson would think it was a Bugatti Veyron
(OK that’s probably overstating it quite a lot).

Thankfully the machine is a standard size, so we didn’t have to
worry about greasing up the sides to wedge it into our test kitchen.
Also, it was a darn sight lighter than most tumble dryers, so the back
pain didn’t come on the moment we tried to lift it up. It also looks
verypleasant and the digital display certainly appeals to my techie husband.

The instructions aren’t the simplest – you might
need to sit in a quiet corner with a cup of tea for an hour (yeah –
right!) but once you start using it you realise that it stands head and
shoulders over our slightly older tumble dryer (Give you a clue the brand rhymes with breeder).

The benefits are that it is much quieter, it dries the
load very
quickly and it has a great iron aid function which reuses the water
that has been sucked from your clothes in the first place (I love a bit
a recycling!). Iron Aid isn’t some benefit gig for the terminally
creased, but a special cycle that shoots bursts of steam into clothes
to take the creases out. Not only that, we noticed that it does pull a
load of water of out of clothes, in fact you could say that this tumble
dryer really does suck, but in a very good way!

It’s a condensing tumble dryer so you don’t have to fit a large tube to
it and stick the other end outside – the water collects in a tank. It
also has to be said that it can store quite a lot of water before the
tank needs to be drained.

Once the cycle is finished it sounds an alarm so you can
get your clothes out before they get creased, and if you don’t get
there quickly it will turn the load every 20 seconds or so to keep the
washing crease-free.

As the clothes dry better the amount of clothes draped over the
radiators has markedly decreased as well – our house no longer looks
like a laundry on wash night.

We really liked this dryer, really really liked it. At last a tumble
dryer that actually dries and if you were really being lazy you could
use this in preference to actually ironing. Although the price can
range from £641 to £720, so it isn’t the cheapest dryer (or for that matter an iron) on the market but it is by far the best we’ve seen.