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N-Gage comes to N81 next week – Nokia

nokia n81 8gb
nokia n81 8gb

nokia-n81-8gb.jpgIf you have a Nokia N81 or N81 8GB then you will be able to get a sneak
preview of the next generation N-Gage mobile gaming platform – the
Finnish phone giant is lining up on of the softest launches ever as it
unveils its "N-Gage First Access" next week.

According to its blog,
owners of the above phones will " have exclusive access to the
pre-release version of the N-Gage application and one or more N-Gage
games". Bad luck if you have an N95 – you’ll just have to make do with
the sat-nav.

The launch looks like engineers need some input from gamers to improve
the platform as it said on the blog that it will "open up our N-Gage
First Access forums, where you can give us your
feedback on the experience, make suggestions, and help us co-create the
N-Gage games service."

The company will also integrate N-Gage into its mobile social networking webstie Ovi and has promised to make games
more affordable with a games rental service model and free trials.