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Nokia unveils eco-friendly concept phone


Here at Absolute Gadget we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, turning the volume down a notch on our iPod speakers
and eating our mung beans raw instead of being deep fried on a bed of
minced cow. However our phones appear to contain a lot of nasty
chemicals that will no doubt kill dolphins much in the same way Maya from Heroes kills people every time she starts crying! Luckily for us Nokia has a solution (to the phone, not Maya!) 

Called the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept,
the new phones have been invented by boffins at the phone giant as a
way of showing that mobiles can be green. The concept itself is made up
of two parts, a wearable sensor unit which can sense and analyze your environment, health, and local weather conditions, and a dedicated mobile phone.

The sensor unit will be worn on a wrist or neck strap made from solar cells that provide power to the sensors. NFC
(near field communication) technology will relay information by touch
from the sensors to the phone or to or to other devices that support
NFC technology.

The phone also uses printed electronics, which according to the company will reduce the
device’s size and reliance on non-renewable materials. The phones also
use electrowetting in the handset’s display, which applies an electrical
charge to drops of oil that cause them to switch on and off like
pixels, but use less energy.


"By creating the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, we hope to stimulate an
ongoing discussion and idea sharing – both within the mobile industry
and with consumers," said the boffins. "Through these discussions, we hope to gain a better
understanding of what we can do with mobile technology in the near
future and how we can lead the mobile industry towards a sustainable

As it’s a concept, we’re unlikely to see this phone actually turn up
in use in the future, but no doubt we’ll see bits of it in use in other