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Full specs revealed for iPhone

apple iphone
apple iphone

The Apple iPhoneThe announcement of the Apple iPhone has confused the hell out of several hacks at Absolute Gadget, who wonder what they're going to write about for the next few months when it comes to crazy Apple rumours. But now that the device is finally here, at least we can squeeze one more story out of what it's actually going to be like.

The word on the street – that word coming straight from Steve Jobs' lips – is that the iPhone features:

* A unique touch-screen interface
* Full Wi-Fi internet capabilities
* A 30-pin iPod connector
* 320 x 480 pixels on its 3.5in screen
* A widescreen video option when the device is turned on its side
* Quad-band GSM
* Edge capabilities
* Two- megapixel camera
* Ambient light and proximity sensors
* A full version of Mac OS X

According to Jobs, that full version of the Apple OS is the "killer app" for the iPhone.

"It is not the crippled stuff you find on most phones," he told the MacWorld conference. "This is real desktop-class software."

The iPhone's functions will include all of the media playing features from the iPod, but will also add Google Maps, IMAP and POP3 email support, Safari web browser, address book and small Apple programs such as a calendar and weather news.

A 4GB model will debut in June on the US Cingular network for $499 (around £260), with the 8GB phone costing $599.

However, it won't launch in Europe until the end of 2007, with no service provider yet tied in to the product.