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Vissles V84: Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Hot-swappable keys make this a must-have!

VisslesV84MechanicalKeyboardVersion2 1 1024x1024
VisslesV84MechanicalKeyboardVersion2 1 1024x1024

Vissles V84 is a lightweight TKL mechanical keyboard with a sleek look. A minimalist design that prioritizes the essentials of a full keyboard, the optimized 84 keys layout is compact and functional, an excellent TKL keyboard both in terms of looks and user experience.

This is a very high-quality keyboard, especially for the price. Excellent, textured PBT keycaps (in the white Pro model only!), exceptionally smooth VS II linear switches — with *very* little pre-travel. The switches might be *just a bit* too soft for my tastes, but if you have a light touch, this keyboard is for you. The spacebar is a bit noisy on the return, but it is only noticeable because the other keys are *so* quiet; a bit of simple modding might help.

It’s hot-swappable and comes with the Vissles VS II linear switches, not my style blue switches like it says in the description (Definitely a pro, not a con). The black skirt around the edge is removable if you like that look, but if you are planning to open up the board to mod it, you’ll be out of luck. Out of the box, this keyboard looks and sounds fairly good. I modded the stabilizers, that’s enough to satisfy me. Bluetooth works great with my MacBook and although the RGB isn’t the brightest I’m not complaining. It also came with a nice leather wrist rest. Very happy with it.

For a prebuilt keyboard, it is incredibly good if you like non-tactile switches. I was using a havit red switch keyboard before this and the satisfaction of typing on this keyboard is miles better. The switches are pre-lubed (I think) and are very quiet. The stabilizers are not loud/rattle and work fine on my keyboard. The only thing is that the keycaps are not shining through but that are easily replaceable.

Value for Money
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vissles-v84-wireless-mechanical-keyboardA lightweight TKL mechanical keyboard with a sleek look