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Rapoo Xw2k Hd 2k Webcam review

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31U0zUSOhLS 1400x copy

When looking for a new webcam, you can now get decent quality at a good price point. This is true of the Rapoo XW2K 2K Quad HD Webcam.

With the Rapoo XW2K 2K Quad HD Webcam, you’ll look like a pro whether you’re on a video call, recording a video, or streaming. With sharp 2K Quad HD resolution, you’ll appear to your friends and colleagues in high quality.

This Full HD 2K webcam boasts a clean and elegant design to seamlessly fit any workspace, office, or living setting. XW2K features everything you need for your voice calls and video meetings and more. Whether you are working from home and in the office, or you simply want to enjoy lifelike video calls with your loved ones, this webcam certainly makes it possible.

The built-in double microphone offers excellent noise-canceling ability so you can enjoy uninterrupted smooth voice calls. Mounting the webcam is very easy and thanks to the flexible base clip, the position and viewing angle can be fully adjusted to meet your needs. To top it off, there is no driver installation required, plug the USB cable and you are ready to go.

This 2K camera with a high-definition lens can intelligently adjust its frame rate and resolution according to ambient light, supplying true-to-life video even in dim light conditions. Widescreen video calls are possible with an impressive 85° field of view.

Overall, we were very impressed by the quality and build and thoroughly recommend.