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Nextbase 422GW Series 2 Dash Cam Review

Can this dashcam save you a heap of trouble?


422GW is part of a series of new Dashcams – a major overhaul of the previous range. They now come with new touch screens, more compacted mounting system and a brand-new app.

The camera comes with two connectors: one is fixed to an adhesive pad and the other has a conventional vacuum that works very well. In both cases, the power cord is connected to the bracket and the camera is removed.

The camera screen is a touchscreen that is very responsive and dimly lit at night.

The camera can be paired with a phone to ensure full functionality. As with other high-end cameras, it also includes the Alexa integration (both the camera app and the Alexa app need to run in the background on the phone for it to work). 911 or send a link to the videos via email. These last functions are optional.

The shots are very clear during the day and in colour at night, depending on how good the headlights are.

The camera can stream video on the phone (by default, the camera will make one video per minute, and that can be changed).

The home screen is a bit busy and works on my iPhone only in portrait mode. If you are running the phone in a horizontal (side) direction, a full-screen video will not be created.
When you review the videos, the video will be displayed at the top of the screen. Below, overlapping map data can be viewed with Google Maps, acceleration, speed, XY axis and position.

This is a fantastic camera, one of the best in terms of features and design. It works tightly with an optional hardwired kit or is attached to a cigarette lighter socket. It can always be removed through magnetic connection to the socket.

It supports different models of rear-view cameras and rearview cameras (e.g., cold cameras), which can beGrea mounted on the camera itself or via a cable in the back window of the Internet.

Nextbase has another great addition with the 422GW. While not their top of the line version, this one already has much better features than many other top of the line dash cams.