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Evoluent4 Wireless review

Could this mouse make work less stressful on your wrists?


There have been many attempts to redesign the mouse and the Evoluent4 Righthanded Ergonomic Vertical Mouse hopes to change the way we think about these pointing devices.

According to the manufacturer, unnatural postures are a risk factor for the development of complaints of wrist and forearm. When the mouse is positioned closer to the body the strain of shoulders and neck decreases. Productivity is lower when using a trackball and touchpad, standard mice and pen tablets enable higher productivity.

The Evoluent 4 mouse has 5 adjustable buttons. The mouse is basically a mouse on its side and thus promotes the neutral position of arm, hand and fingers. This reduces muscle tension. The thumb and forefinger hold the mouse. The fingers control the buttons and the scroll wheel. The mouse can be used as a preventive mouse and for starting muscle strain, especially in the forearm. The Evoluent should be used 90 degrees and within the width of the body. There is also an extra button to set the cursor speed.

It took a few days to get used to, of course, this is very different from the ‘normal’ mouse. With the management software that can be found on the website, you can set this mouse to your taste. It can be particularly useful to program one of the buttons to act as a ‘double click’ which cuts down the number of clicks you need to do. Also, be sure to set the sensitivity as high as possible. It takes a while to get used to but really cuts down on the amount of movement you need.

Overall, it is very good and almost eliminates pain in the wrist when used correctly.

The mouse can be bought from BakkerElkhuizen or Amazon.

Value for Money
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evoluent4-wireless-reviewGood mouse for relieving pain in the wrists.