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Cubetto Code & Colour review

Montesorri-influenced toy could get kids coding

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spielzeugtester B01N02G5ET

If kids have any chance of getting on in life, then they will have to learn to code. Cubetto Code & Colour could be the way forward for teaching young children to code in much the same way books can help in learning to read.

The toy takes coding out of the screen, and into the real world with a programming language, you can touch. The idea here is that children help Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot, navigate a magical world by writing their first programs using hands-on coding blocks.

Each coding block is an action. Place the blocks on the board to tell Cubetto where to go. Hit the blue button and Cubetto executes your very first program. There are also two function blocks which repeat whatever subroutine is in the function area. Only two blue function commands are in the kit and obtaining the logic blocks (random, negation, and backwards commands) requires a separate purchase. You can combine them to create programs and see Cubetto move.

The coding blocks are easy for small hands to manipulate and allow the children to experiment to find their purpose by inserting them in the coding board and watching what happens when the go button is pressed. 

There is also a storybook that came with it (taking Cubetto through their school day learning directions on a compass and being cued to think about things like machines, environment, and geography. The storybook uses the playmat grid to direct Cubetto square-by-square across the mat.

This is a brilliant tool for young children to learn to code with. Especially as it doesn’t require any other device (such as a tablet). While it is pricey, it would be good value for money if used appropriately throughout the ages.

The Cubetto Code and Colour can be bought from Amazon for £195. (Link).