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Vodafone V-Pet review

Never lose a pet again

Greren Eye 510x423
Greren Eye 510x423

When a cat or dog goes missing it is never great. But a new device can make tracking down an animal easier.

Vodafone has launched Kippy into its new V-Pet category. It is a  a GPS tracker which is connected to its network with a V-Sim by Vodafone.

It costs just £50 (then £4 per month V-Pet service fee). The device  alerts you the moment your pet wanders off. The device is designed for cats and dogs over 9lbs, and is both water resistant and comes with and ABS shell for anti-shock protection.

The personalised activity monitor also tells an owner how much time their pet has spent playing, exercising and sleeping so they can immediately check that the pet are happy and healthy. There are even receive alerts if a pet is less active than normal or hasn’t met its daily walking goal!

It also comes with a safe Zones feature means Kippy can learn an owner’s ‘safe’ limits and will alert them immediately if their pet strays beyond it. It will let you know exactly where your dog is located, even if they’re not in the range of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The device needs needs a clear view of the sky to locate itself using GPS, and it needs a mobile phone network to report its position. It works OK, but you will need to be in a place where you can get a phone signal. When we tested it, our test phone could not get a signal and our test “dog” (a colleague I could trust to find their way home), went missing and could not be found by the phone.

Overall, a good device but only in areas where a phone signal is guaranteed.