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Lifx Color 1000 smart bulb review

Change your colour to suit your mood with this smart bulb


Nowadays everything can be connected to the internet, even the humble light bulb. However, the Lifx Color 100 isn’t a humble light bulb. It is billed as a smart bulb that can be controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The new smaller A19 sized Color 1000 will fit in more light fixtures while maintaining its position as the brightest (1055 lumens) and also most energy efficient smart bulb in the connected home space. However, while it is smaller than previous LIFX bulbs, it is larger than a normal lightbulb, measuring 63x115mm and weighing 240g.

Like its predecessor, the Wi-Fi LED lamp has sixteen million colours, including a thousand shades of white with a colour temperature of 2500K to 9000K. The maximum brightness was 1,055 lumens, which is similar to a light bulb of 75 Watt.

The app allows you to change the colour of the lighting. That’s because the light bulb is wireless enabled. It can also be scheduled to come on at particular times. It can also adjust the colour temperature, theme, lumen output or timer remotely via the downloadable LIFX app on your mobile device.

To set up, you just download the free LIFX app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, screw the bulb in, and switch it on. Then you just create a LIFX account and enter your Wi-Fi password.

The app allows not only to change the colour but also enable a number of effects such as Candle Flicker, Color Cycle, Pastels, Random, and Strobe.

The bulb can also connect to Nest Protect as well as work with Amazon Alexa and Windows 10 Cortana. Sadly, it doesn’t work with Siri at present.

The bulb is pricey but is easy to set up and easy on the eye. It can be purchased from Amazon for £53.99 (link)