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Goodmans Nod DAB+ alarm clock review

Getting up in the morning has never been more stylish

goodmans nod
goodmans nod

Alarm clocks are a necessity for people needing to get up on the morning and commute to their place of work on time. The Goodmans Nod is a elegant way of making sure you are not late for your duties.

The unit is small and sleek and looks good. It has two USB outputs at the back. The maximum total power supplied between them is 2.1A, which is more than any other DAB radio we know of. It also works well charging our iPhone.

The user interface is unassuming. We didn’t need to refer to the manual at all to set favourite stations and alarms. The screen is a standard backlit LCD, so even on the last of the three brightness settings setting it’s still quite bright.


The big, clickable dial on the right-hand side of the device is a wonderful method for adjusting volume and changing stations. The DAB radio stations are plentiful and have a reasonably good sound quality. The Nod also supports DAB+, which has far superior sound quality, but we are unable to test this as the UK doesn’t have any DAB+ stations unlike in Europe.

Each alarm has a variable timeout, going up to 90 minutes if you want to (good if you like to wake up to the radio and keep listening to it while you get dressed etc.)

The speaker sounds good, however it is mono and small so don’t go expecting brilliant sound. But it’s more than good enough for news and talk radio. The volume is also changeable when the radio alarm is going off.

Overall, we were very impressed by this alarm clock radio. The Nod is available from Amazon for £48.99.