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House of Marley Chant Bluetooth review

A lightweight Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a speakerphone

marley chant bluetooth speaker
marley chant bluetooth speaker

The House of Marley has been making audio products for a while and the latest device to come forth is its Chant Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker is available in Black, Navy or Blue Hemp. It sports a recyclable aluminium carabineer clip for attaching the speakers to a belt or other accessories. It also comes with a very short USB lead as well as instructions booklet.

The device looks rather like a little drum, measuring 83 x 83 x 105mm (L x W x H) and weighs 331g. It portable enough to pop in your handbag.

The device is made out of recycled materials, including the Marley exclusive, earth-friendly, REWIND fabric. This is a blend of reclaimed hemp, organic cotton and fibres of recycled plastic bottles. IT is quite smooth to touch. The design of this wireless speaker is really what separates this product from the rest. House of Marley got the looks right on this one.

Around the top is a bamboo strip and part of this collar is given over to rubberised buttons for volume adjustment, Bluetooth/Speakerphone and power. All the buttons have a pleasing instant response. Pairing is straightforward and allows any Bluetooth device to stream audio to the speaker.

As for output, the device boasts a 5W 2-inch driver with a 2-inch passive radiator on the top of the unit. This is covered by a perforated circular grill.  At the base are air vents, a micro-USB port (for charging purposes) and a 3.5mm jack socket.

The Chant is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, which can be fully charged in four hours. The device should give up to eight hours playback.

As well as a speaker, the Chant comes with a microphone, so can be used as a speakerphone for conference calls.

Overall, the device has a pleasant sound, surprisingly loud and clear. The added carabiner is a nice touch, but not all that functional due to the weight of the speaker. The Speaker is available from Amazon for £59.95.