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The best battery chargers to buy for Christmas for your iPhone or Android device

We look at what batteries can give your iPhone or tablet a boost

thumbs up power charging phone stand1
thumbs up power charging phone stand1

No one wants to see a smartphone or tablet warn you that it is about to run out of charge. You don’t want to be on the way to an important date when Google Maps goes blank.

We’ve been looking at the best portable battery chargers on the market. Read on to see what battery best suits your needs for something pocket-friendly, or for that weekend away.

Power Stand

Price: £15


Boasting a powerful 2200 mAh, this funky power bank is a portable charger and a desk stand for smartphones and tablets. Charge the power bank using the micro USB cable supplied, this takes approximately 1-5 hours. You can then keep the small power bank to boost you smart phone on tablet using your desired USB cable (not provided). The charger also has a silicone case with a suction stand, which conveniently transforms the charger into a desk stand for your smartphone!

PNY Action Charger

Price: £39.99


the PNY Action Charger is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide power for adventurous photographers on the move. The PNY Action Charger solves the problem by being able to power the Go Pro Hero 4, as well as any USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, eReaders, portable game consoles and more. With its 2 Go Pro Hero 4 battery bays, you will also be able to charge two batteries at once. You can even charge two Hero 4 batteries and a tablet or smartphone at the same time.

Arcam MusicBOOST – iPhone 6 Digital Audio Upgrade

Price: £120

arcam-musicboost-pic 3

Looks and functions like a high-quality iPhone battery sleeve but has a big audio surprise inside. It boasts a multi-function Digital Audio Upgrade for the iPhone 6/6s. The combined battery pack, DAC and headphone amplifier upgrades the quality of all iPhone audio. It also charges your battery, protects your phone and is slim and light despite extended functionality

Power Pack from Groov-e

Price: £36.49


Including a charging cable that is adaptable to both micro and mini USB, the Power Pack has the ability to charge 2 devices at the same time. It can even charge a smart phone up to 6 times – making it a perfect addition to any briefcase or handbag. Charging time can take as little as an hour and to recharge the Power Pack, all you need to do is connect it to a USB port to refuel.

For those who love to multi-task, the Power Pack even has an integrated flashlight – making it a perfect accessory for a camping trip or an outdoor adventurer. The flashlight has 2 modes – allowing users to maintain permanent light or a continuous flash – making it ideal for emergencies.

Groov-e Solar Bank

Price: £33.19

groov-e solar

Nearly twice as powerful as its predecessor (the 3600mAh solar charger), the Solar Bank is completely cost-efficient and energy friendly. With the ability to charge to smart phones in 1.5 hours and the ability to charge 2 devices at once through a USB connection, the Solar Bank is the ideal solution for busy people on the go.

Those who need to charge the Solar Bank quickly, have the option to charge via USB – with both micro and mini USB adapters included. The Solar Bank will charge a mobile phone up to 8 times before needing to be charged again… and up to 4 times for an iPhone/ smart phone.

TYLT Wireless Charging ENERGI Power Case for Galaxy G6

Price: £89.95


The ENERGI Sliding Power Case combines wireless charging technology, portable battery power and its renowned versatile dual case design. Galaxy S6 users no longer need to choose between the convenience of wireless charging or the off-the-grid power of a battery case, as it incorporates both. The soft touch case also features the versatile dual-sleeve design of the ENERGI Sliding Power Case.