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Roberts Blutune200 DAB/DAB+/FM/CD/USB/SD Bluetooth Sound System review

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81FJO2O6muL. SL1500

Most music systems don’t play tunes in all formats but the Blutune 200 from Roberts comes pretty close.

The Blutune 200 is a DAB/Bluetooth sound system with built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from a range of devices, along with a selection of useful features including the ability to record to USB or SD card.

It features a high gloss piano black finish with an integrated CD player that enables you to play both WMA and MP3 files, however there is also an Aux input socket that lets you connect a vast majority of your devices directly to the Blutune 200. Bluetooth streaming is also available allowing you to wirelessly stream your music from your smartphone.

The system sports 20 station presets, multi-function remote control, DAB/DAB+, USB socket for charging, clock and multi-function alarm, sleep/snooze functions and 6 position equaliser.

It’s a good-looking item with a very clear display and a large “sleep/volume” button on the top – convenient if you are going to use this as an alarm. There are a great number of display settings to choose from; possibly too many but you can stick with the basics.

You can use the Bluetooth to connect with an iPhone, Android device or tablet and also record to a USB or SD. Each time you record something it creates a new file in numerical order. So when you have listened to a certain recording you can delete it and still keep whatever else you have saved.

The Bluetooth link works very well, linking quickly with an iPhone 5S and we were able to pick and choose tracks and play them very easily.

The remote is tiny and lightweight and possibly a little vulnerable to being damaged. However, it works well but the design with the IR link on the side rather than the end of the remote is a bit awkward in use.

The sound coming from the unit to is even across the range with perhaps a tad too much bass on some tracks and stations but this can easily be reduced using the bass treble controls or the built in graphic equaliser.

Overall, a decent stereo if you have the budget for it. Price: £264.50 from Amazon.