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Roberts Radio Blutune 40 DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio review

roberts radio blutune 40
roberts radio blutune 40

Radios for the kitchen or bedroom can be a basic affair. Usually they are the ones that try too hard to be retro and fail or try to be so easy to use they lack the features that some of us really need nowadays. Luckily the Roberts Radio Blutune 40 manages to look good and have a wide range of useful features.

The radio set is compact, measuring 108mm by 138mm by 105mm. It sports a black glossy exterior with a small array of buttons on the top and a volume knob on the front. It also has quite a basic, but clear display. This is also dimmable.

Alongside the DAB/DAB+/FM radio channels it boast Bluetooth connectivity to hook up your phone or tablet and playback tunes over a wireless connection. There is also a USB port for smartphone/tablet charging.

Setting up the stations isn’t too difficult but a quick read through the manual will save a lot of time, as it isn’t intuitive. The unit quickly scanned through the frequencies to pick up all the channels it could find (it found them all in our local area – Essex).

It also sports an alarm clock. In alarm mode, once it goes off the volume will increase gently to the required volume rather than blear out. The alarm mode also allows a weekday only option so you don’t get woken up over Saturday and Sunday.

The sound quality on the device through all modes is pretty good for what it is. For phones that don’t have Bluetooth there is also an Aux-in port as well. The USB port also allows devices to be charged up via the radio as well.

Overall, we were very impressed at this tiny radio with a host of features that we think looks great on a kitchen granite worktop. If there was one thing we’d change it would be to make the price a little more keen.