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Measure your blood pressure wirelessly and look after your heart!

Withings WirelessBPM Main iOS FR 2
Withings WirelessBPM Main iOS FR 2

Withings unveiled the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor- a revamped version of its award-winning Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. By making it completely wireless and adding Android compatibility, Withings takes its vision of user-friendly connected health even further.

With hypertension affecting 25 per cent of the world’s population , 50 per cent of whom are unaware about the severity of their condition, home monitoring is a major public health matter.  To assist with the widespread disease, Withings’ new Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor keeps its award-winning sleek design, but now features Bluetooth connectivity and Android compatibility. The medically approved blood pressure cuff garners ease-of-use, while drastically expanding its reach.

Arriving with no specific symptoms, High Blood Pressure is often referred to as a “silent killer”. Therefore, being aware and vigilant is instrumental in fighting the disease.

Cédric Hutchings, co-founder of Withings puts it: “Our device is a medical device, but we’ve made it cool and fashionable! Patients don’t feel the need to hide it away and, yet, they get to share highly accurate results with their physician. Designing attractive and simple-to-use devices is the only way the connected health revolution can become a reality.”

The firm also has put out its top tips for a healthy heart in conjunction with national heart month

  • Opt for decaf and ditch the croissant when getting your daily coffee fix
  • Be salt savvy
  • Relax, take a break from the daily stress in life and have some ‘YOU’ time
  • Get moving- take the stairs on your way to work or jump off the tube a few stops early
  • Monitor your heart regularly
  • Cut down and butt out smoking
  • Eat food that will love you back