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Dyson unveils new cordless vac


Dyson has unveiled its latest cordless vacuum cleaner. The Dyson Digital Slim DC59 vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. With 20 minutes of powerful suction, DC59 is light and easy to maneuver between high, low and hard to reach spaces.

The firm said the cordless nature of the vac meant no more fiddling about with plugs or tripping over cords. Users can simply remove from the docking station and go.

The vac sports the new V6 motor, engineered specifically for this machine. One and a half times more powerful than the previous motor, it draws more power from the battery source.

It also features 15 cyclones work in parallel across two tiers to capture fine dust. Dyson engineers ensured an equal flow of air throughout the cyclone pack, by engineering the airways, to guarantee constant centrifugal forces and high dust separation.

The newly configured motorhead tackles dust and dirt on any surface. Carbon fibre antistatic bristles reduce the build-up of static charge, aiding capture of fine dust on hard floors. Nylon bristles work to trap ground-in dirt from carpets.

The lightweight aluminium wand can be detached for stairs, upholstery, cars and other compact spaces. And storage is hassle free with a wall mounted docking station.

“The capability of our digital motors to power our cordless technology is accelerating. The new V6 Dyson digital motor is faster and stronger than its predecessor with a higher power density; giving DC59 the performance of a mains powered machine without being tethered to the wall,” said James Dyson

The machine will cost £349.99.