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Vax Air3 vacuum cleaner review

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We have reviewed quite a few vacuum cleaners in our time at Absolute Gadget, but to be honest we’ve never found one that quite matches the quality and suction power of a Dyson…until now.The Vax Air3 is part of a range of ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaners, that doesn’t compromise on powerful suction. Air Motion Technology offers outstanding manoeuvrability – the dual-axis allows twisting and turning around furniture.

The Air3 weighs a third less than conventional uprights, only 4.9kg in use but with a full size capacity dust container. It gives constant powerful suction. Multiple cyclones separate dirt from the air so the suction is always the same as the first time it is used.

H12 Antibacterial HEPA filtration helps to remove very fine dust particles, pollen and other allergens whilst also reducing bacteria and pet-related odours.

The most wonderful thing about this vacuum cleaner is its suction. If you leave the brushes turned off, the suction is powerful but not very powerful, but turn the brushes on and you’ll have the cleanest carpets you have seen in a long time. It really does deep clean

We particularly liked the turbo tool (sold separately), a powered brush head. It came in very handy for cleaning upholstered furniture, as these are often difficult to brush down. Often the dust comes out of upholstery, and ends up all over everything else! Not so with the turbo tool. There is also an adjustable height handle for us blokes for vacuum and don’t want to suffer a bad back for doing so.

We can say the Vax Air3 beats Dyson hands down. Apart from the great suction when cleaning the house, there is a brush that can be switched on while cleaning the carpet.

The Vax Air3 is available from Amazon for £249 and includes a six-year guarantee. See also www.vax.co.uk.