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A Novel Idea for your iPad


Sure, you have an iPad 2, but have you got a BOOK to keep it in?

The BOOK for iPad looks exactly like a hardback book – from the linen cover cloth to the decorative headbands. You can even choose the title (yes way). However, inside the BOOK is not page after page of the product of years of someone’s toil and dedication – it’s something better! It’s a wool felt sleeve tailored to the iPad.

Now your iPad can lay safe, secure and stylish – with the double protection of the soft snug sleeve combined with the hard durable cover – all the while masquerading as something, well, not quite as good.

Two artists in Minnesota carefully hand craft each BOOK cover, using the only the highest quality, sustainable and even renewable materials. Finally, a way to be ostentatious whilst saving the world. The sleeve is made of natural German wool felt – and who doesn’t love a bit of natural German wool felt – to literally hug your precious iPad.

Apart from everyone, the BOOK for iPad is perfect for three types of people. The first are those who are wary of thieves – unless you live in particularly nerdy area, a thief is probably more likely to want to steal an iPad than a book. The second are those pretentious individuals who are looking for a novel (excuse the pun) way to store and protect their iPad to show off to their friends, while pretending it’s due to their wariness of thieves (i.e. me). And the third are those who wish to appear cultured and quaint, and feel a book might achieve this look with more sincerity than with an iPad. The BOOK will allow you to attract that old-fashioned, cute girl on the bus, while simultaneously allowing you to feel smug that your item that appears to be a book is actually something way better. (By the way love – you’re cute but did you know you can also read a novel on an iPad?)

There are three different styles to choose from, which are all also available for a 13″ Macbook. Retailing at $89, they are a little more pricey than your usual iPad cover. But this is no usual iPad cover. This is a BOOK.