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These portable scales are the perfect get-a-weigh!

portable weighing scales 2
portable weighing scales 2

“Always be prepared.” If you are someone who follows this sound advice rigorously, with a tendency to carry every item you could possibly need around with you – ‘just in case’ – be prepared to make room in your handbag. 21 centimetres of room to be precise. Yep, 21 centimetres of, wait for it, PORTABLE WEIGHING SCALE. Yes, it is amazing. Yes, you do need it in your life.

Even if you are of a larger variety – fret not for the small size and elegant appearance are of no indication as to the sturdiness of these little beauties. They are made of toughened glass and able to support a weight of up to 330lb (150kg). A lightweight scale for even heavyweight measuring.

As if not being handy enough by fitting in your bag, they are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is the standard step on the scale, they turn on automatically, and you weight for your wait (hang on…?) to flash up on the central LED display. Just like you would do on your scales at home that don’t fit into your handbag. Pssh.

Those individuals who have portable weighing scales in their bag, but don’t have a phone capable of converting metric and imperial measurements, also needn’t worry thanks to the ability to easily switch between the two measuring units.

While it could be argued that such a device could encourage eating disorders and/or ‘weightists’ (those who judge others on their weight, obviously), I say firstly, live and let live – if someone wants to have a pair of scales that fit into their handbag, then they have every right to do so, whatever the reason. And secondly, hello solution to Britain’s obesity problem!

As with other scales – most accurate readings are obtained from using the device on a hard flat surface – so traditionally the bathroom or maybe kitchen tiles. However, with these scales, the pavement, the road or the floor of the bus will all suffice.

Even if, for whatever bizarre reason, you decide you do not want to carry the scales around with you in your handbag, you can obviously still leave them on your bathroom floor as a compact and tidy alternative to your old, mildew-sporting scales.

£24.99 for the peace of mind that, should you need to, you could find out your exact current weight at any given moment? Bargain.

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