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Cello touts affordable 3D TVs

Cello 3D TV
Cello 3D TV
Cello_3D_TVBritish LCD TV manufacturer Cello Electronics has launched what it claims is the UK’s most affordable 3D TV range yet. The 42-inch and 47-inch models have an RRP of £499 and £699.

Both 3D TVs are full HD (1080p) and come complete with four sets of 2easy-fit, lightweight and comfortable glasses”, allowing a family to “enjoy the full 3D experience from any angle”.
Additional sets of glasses can also be purchased from Cello’s in house after sales company, Contrast, at £19.99 a set.
The new Cello 3D TV’s use the LG passive 3D LCD panel and come with an easy-to-use remote control, two HDMI sockets, Electronic Programming Guide and a USB socket, which allows the user to make recordings.
Brian Palmer, director of Cello, said the 3D viewing experience was now more easily accessible to consumers than ever before.
“Initially I was unsure about the future of 3D, but the quality of 3D vision now available and the number of new 3D films coming onto the market this year guarantees success for this new technology,” Palmer added.
The new range will be available from late June from various online retailers including Marks & Spencer, Freemans, Grattans and Ebuyer.