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Exspect Compact Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone review


When you buy an iPod or iPhone you would like your docking station to exude the same level of style and sophiscation that the Apple device boasts. The Exspect Compact Clock Radio does not disappoint.

Measuring just 120 x 110 x 55mm, it barely takes up space on the bedroom cabinet but the 1.5W speaker it produces a sound of a much bigger unit. The LCD display displays a clock when playing back from an iPhone, iPod or auxiliary source, or by the frequency when listening to the radio.

On top of the clock radio can be found the dock, as well as buttons for accessing all the functions of the device, such as changing the audio source, snoozing the alarm or changing the track on your iPod.

You can set two completely independent alarms, waking up to either the radio, your iPod or just the buzzer. And have a different alarm for you and your partner, or for weekdays and weekends. It also features a snooze button and a sleep feature for if you want to listen to your favourite tracks while trying to sleep.

There’s an FM radio for listening to all the latest news, music and sports.

The sound quality is good but the display can be a bit too bright when trying to fall asleep. Overall, not bad for the price.

Price: £17.49 (from Amazon or Mobile Fun)