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Smell your MacBook Air later

iskin protouch macbook air closeup
iskin protouch macbook air closeup

iskin_protouch_macbook_air_closeupFungus growing on your MacBook Air keyboard? Odd smells coming from within? All that unpleasantness could have been avoided with iSkin’s ProTouch Keyboard Protector, which has added a version for Apple’s latest laptop.

ProTouch keyboard protectors are currently available for all other MacBook and Apple keyboard models, with the 11-inch MacBook Air the latest addition.

It’s designed to overlay the keyboard and block small particles of food, dust and other impurities from entering and causing damage.

“ProTouch forms a thin, yet durable, layer that protects without overheating or hampering use of the keyboard. It also dampens the sound caused by typing and helps to prevent key wear from heavy use,” said an iSkin rep.

iSkin says the ProTouch keyboard protector is the only product of its kind to feature Microban anti-microbial product protection, which works to inhibit the growth of odour‒causing bacteria and fungus on the product.

“This feature makes it the preferred choice for public, home and educational environments,” said the rep.

The ProTouch can also be removed and washed with warm water and detergent.

The ProTouch Classic for 11-inch MacBook Air will initially be offered in a clear frosted version known as Arctic, with “a smooth, satin-like finish”. It costs $24.99 and is available now at iSkin.com.