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Win a copy of MoviePlus X5 worth £59.99!

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Home PC users looking for a fun and affordable way to edit, enhance and share videos of life’s special moments can benefit from the new MoviePlus X5.

This powerful yet easy-to-use video editor from Serif, the award-winning design, publishing and creative software developer, helps anyone wanting to produce video content – whether they own a digital camcorder, flash pocket camera, mobile phone, smart phone or another video capable device.

MoviePlus X5 is perfect for novices who want to create movies and slideshows of weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, holidays, sporting events and other personal occasions in stunning HD. Beginners will be inspired by the simple storyboard for creating polished movies with ease whilst the more experienced users will love the powerful unlimited timeline for greater control.

Video enthusiasts on a budget will appreciate MoviePlus X5’s powerful features and competitive price point. Those with video editing experience under their belt will also be attracted by an intelligent smart ‘proxy’ engine when editing footage, Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD DVD burning, unlimited tracks for video and audio, keyframe controls, blend modes and over 200 video and audio effects.

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