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Navigon upgrades legacy kit

Navigon 23
Navigon 23

Navigon_23Navigon has announced that a software upgrade can now turn its 22 and 23 series devices into the Navigon 20. That will mean owners of Navigon 22 and 23 satnavs can use new features such as the Active Lane Assistant, as well as getting the latest map material for 44 European countries.


Active Lane Assistant provides better orientation in hectic traffic, so the driver always knows which lane to be in for the next manoeuvre.

The upgrade also includes MyBest POI – allowing users to set three preferred special destination categories. These POIs and the menu bar can then be called up by clicking anywhere on the display using the One-Click Menu. Any information that is not needed will be automatically hidden so that a larger section of the map can be displayed.

And thanks to Navigon Last Mile users should have no trouble finding their way back to their vehicle, as the satnav stores the parking place and guides users back to it.

The upgrade to the Navigon 20 Plus is now available for £40 from Navigon Fresh and the Navigon online shop.

Additional products already purchased, such as ADAC Camping or the Michelin Restaurant and Hotel Guide, can be downloaded again after the upgrade.