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Doro HearPlus 333cl vibrating alarm clock review

doro hearplus 333cl alarm clock
doro hearplus 333cl alarm clock

Doro is well known for its DECT and mobile phones aimed at the more mature person so it’s interesting to see the company has developed an alarm clock that will gently vibrate you until you are awake.

The HearPlus 332cl is a vibrating, amplified alarm clock that gives you a choice of alarms using a radio controlled time piece.

It consists of the main clock alarm unit, pillow vibrator  and a lead for connecting a telephone to the alarm for those who want to be woken up by any incoming call.

The main clock is mostly white in colour.  The clock face stands out in black with white numerals and clock hands. It measures 114 x 127 x 94mm, so will easily fit most bedside cabinets.

All connection points and settings options are at the rear of the clock. There are points for connecting a phone and a telephone wall socket. You can also attach the pillow vibrator as well as  mains power and an external alarm device for deaf people, such as the Doro CarePlus or Doro SeePlus.

You can turn the alarm on and off; select the alarm mode (sound, flash and vibrator). Set the alarm volume level with varying frequency options; select the appropriate time zone. You can also change brightness settings.

Priced at around £58, the HearPlus 33cl is easy to use and comes with a variety of methods to wake you up.

Rating: 7/10