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Vogel’s new iPad mount makes for a work of art


If you got a new iPad for Christmas then chances are you think it is beautiful enough to put on your wall. Vogel has a new case that will allow you to do just that.

the Vogel BaseCover and WallMount will protet your precious iPad and let you hang your iPad on the wall.

The BaseCover includes the special aluminium connector on the back of the case that enables an iPad to be connected to a range of mounts Vogel punts, including the WallMount, TableMount, and CarMount.

The WallMount is a discrete button that can be screwed onto almost any surface. With one snap of the BaseCover onto the WallMount, your iPad can be stored ready for viewing or instant access. Once mounted, the iPad can be freely rotated up to 360 degrees, and the locking system ensures robust and secure stability. Whether you use your iPad in the bedroom as an alarm clock, in the living room as a sound controller, news or weather station, or in the kitchen for iBook recipes, the BaseCover with WallMount is your ideal flexible solution.

Along with that Wall Mount is WallTimes, a versatile application that transforms your iPad into a world clock, kitchen timer or alarm clock. The world clock shows the time in four user-defined time zones at a glance. With the kitchen timer you can set four separate timers, which work simultaneously and independently of one another. You can set the timers yourself, or use the pre-programmed timers.

There is also a CarMount, an adaptation of its DVDock. No tools are needed to connect an iPad plus BaseCover to the CarMount, which is securely fixed to the headrest, so back seat travellers can enjoy content on the iPad while on the move.

Prices for the Mount and Cover system start from £79.95 and are available from Amazon.