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F-Secure Internet Security review

F secure Internet Security
F secure Internet Security

F-secure-Internet-SecurityThe new year is nearly upon us and unfortunately so too are new threats to our PCs. Finnish security firm F-Secure has unleashed its latest iteration of its Internet Security suite.

The software includes antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-spam engines, a firewall, it sports application, dial-up and parental control, browser protection and email filtering.

This security application scans very fast and offers real time and on-demand protection against a multitude of viruses, spyware and malware. It uses heuristic detection methods to spot new and unknown threats and detects rootkits.

The real time virus scanner looks at emails for infected attachments, blocks tracking cookies, quarantines malicious objects. it also can skip files specified in the exclusion list from scans and creates logs.

The DeepGuard feature analyses behavior or processes and can detect suspicious file activities and block malicious objects such as new viruses, worms, malware that try to change the default system settings.

The manual scanner can carry out Fast, Full, Rootkit and Custom scans and checks the content of archives. It can perform fast scans (by only verifying known file types) or slower heuristics-based scans. Both clean, delete or quarantine suspicious and infected objects.

The firewall has multiple security levels to protect the computer from worm and hacker attacks, it creates and uses rules to control system services, applications that try to access the internet, ports and manages local networks.

The Application Control component, users can allow or deny connections for specific applications. This component detects newly installed applications and prompts the user to protect the computer against unauthorised activity.

Intrusion Prevention protects against network attacks that use open ports to gain access to the operating system. This component uses predefined rules to recognise and thus stop network attacks. It also displays alerts and creates logs with detections.

The security software supports scheduled operations, protects browsers from harmful websites, displays ratings for search engine results and for email links.

It also filters emails, blocking spam and phishing attacks. It integrates well with Microsoft Outlook and clears junk folders periodically, password protects product settings. It also protects children by preventing them from accessing undesired content on the internet.

Rating: 8/10