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Sony launches all-you-can-eat music streaming service

Sony HX803 3DTV 440
Sony HX803 3DTV 440

Sony_HX803_3DTV_440If you have one of Sony’s Bravia internet televisions, Blu-Ray players, PS3 game consoles or Vaio PCs, you can now get yourself a monthly music subscription service.

For £4 or £10 per month, its Qriocity (pronounced curiosity) Music Unlimited, you can stream songs to your Sony device until you heart’s content.

The service has six million tracks to choose from. The lower cost plan means you can stream and download tracks and sync them to portable players. while the premium service offers access to extra channels, the ability to create your own online playlists and channels, and track searching.

The company launched its video-on-demand service last month.

The service starts in the UK and Ireland and will be rolled out to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and the US next year.