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Leather case causes Kindle to crash

new amazon kindle
new amazon kindle

new-amazon-kindleAt the office, we are struggling to think of how this can happen, but apparently some Amazon Kindle users are complaining that the black leather case that protects the e-Reader is casuing the device to crash.

Some users in the US have reported that the black “Kindle Leather Cover” is causing many users to suffer a crash while reading the device. Some have even ditched the case to solve the problem.

Users on Amazon’s support forums have speculated that the problem may well lie with the cases metal hinges. It has been suggested that this metal interferes with the screen on the Kindle, causing it to crash.

Strangely, the problem doesn’t seem to affect cases with a built-in light.

Amazon, thankfully, has taken control of the issue, and offered a replacement or refund to anyone suffering the problem.