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Acer punts slimline Revo PC

acer revo rl100 1
acer revo rl100 1

Acer has decidedly gone posh with its tiny new Revo 100 and not an Intel Atom in sight.

The small form factor PC packs a dual core AMD Athlon II Neo as well as an Nvidia ION graphics chipset capable of playing HD content without falling over.

The Revo sports a black finish and can be stood on its end. It comes with an integrated TV tuner as well as 4GB DDR3 memory, a 750GB hard disk drive, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, a card reader, two mini PCI Express slots and either a Blu-ray or DVD drive depending on the model.

It also boasts a RevoPad, which is a dual-mode wireless touchpad which can be used as a touch keyboard, or a large multi-gesture touchpad and hidden away when not needed.

It comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS and will set you back £600.

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