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Apple jumps on 3D bandwagon with patent

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apple_logo3D seems to be more than a passing fad if Apple get involved. The iPhone maker has got a patent on a 3D display system which would let people see pictures in 3D without specs.

The move signals that there is a distinct shift to 3D entertainment and the Cappochino-based company has now been awarded with a raft of patents that let viewers watch a 3D screen without having to be sitting in just the right place.

Apple’s latest U.S. patent 7,843,449, awarded by the US patent office just this week, sets out an auto-stereoscopic 3D display system. One of the major barriers to mainstream 3D take up is that you have to wear glasses specially made to view 3D and these are quite expensive.

Apple looks set to start working on displays that do away with the need for glasses and recently Nintendo has a new handheld console that  also does 3D without glasses.

The patent shows how a special reflective screen with a rippled texture creates the auto-stereoscopic projection system, sending different images to each eye.