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App fights blue tint

emirBytes Camera Spot Fix logo
emirBytes Camera Spot Fix logo

emirBytes_Camera_Spot_Fix_logoWorried about the iPhone 4 camera issue, where images and video have an azure sheen or spots at the centre of them? As with most things in life, there’s an app for that…

Independent app developer emirBytes has created Camera Spot Fix 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch – making use of their touch interfaces.

“Many iPhone users expressed their grievance on this particular issue,” said developer emirBytes. “We spent about three whole days to figure out the algorithm to fix the tint issue.”

The algorithm uses an “exponential colour fixing process”, so it appears more natural.

“Photo manipulating can be difficult if we just negate the colour components plainly. Brightness and contrast can be affected and that is bad for the photos,” the emirBytes announcement said.

Corrected images can then be saved to the Apple device or directly upload to Facebook.

Camera Spot Fix 1.0 is available to download in Apple’s App Store for $0.99 USD (around £0.62) and can be found in the Photography category.