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Mario Kart Wii: bundle!

Mario Kart packshot with wheel
Mario Kart packshot with wheel

Mario_Kart_packshot_with_wheelAs part of Mario’s 25th anniversary, Nintendo has created a limited-edition black Wii bundle that includes Mario Kart Wii and “all the accessories needed to celebrate in speed and style”. Which means the pack contains a black Nunchuk, black Wii Remote Plus, black Wii Wheel and Wii Sports.

The bundle will also include Donkey Kong original edition pre-installed on the Wii, in homage to Mario’s first ever appearance. It will be available across Europe from 26 November 2010.

Really, we can’t help feeling that Nintendo has missed a trick by not including this inflatable Mario Kart from CTA (£39.66) into the package…