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Gear4 and Pure sound out new docks

Pure i 20 iphone ipod dock
Pure i 20 iphone ipod dock

Pure_i-20_iphone_ipod_dockNew day, new iPod/iPhone docks. First up is Gear4, with the HouseParty SmartDock: a speaker that uses the touchscreen of an Apple media player to navigate its functions and an app to add additional features when the iPod or iPhone is docked. Next is Pure’s i-20, which [deep breath] connects to a hi-fi system or radio using digital or analogue outputs and uses its Digital to Analogue Converter to offer hi-fi quality sound from high bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks. Phew!

The Gear4 HouseParty SmartDock has a built-in subwoofer and can find FM radio stations and store them in its associated app. It launched today and costs £99.99.


Pure’s i-20 comes with a remote control and also includes video outputs to allow users to view videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV. It is available now for £74.99