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iPhone 4 gets Back Pack charger

Proporta turbocharger back pack iphone4
Proporta turbocharger back pack iphone4

Proporta_turbocharger_back_pack_iphone4It might be called a backpack, but don’t worry – you won’t be struggling with a massive rucksack just to give your iPhone some extra juice. This particular backpack – the TurboCharger Back Pack from Proporta – fits around your iPhone 4 like a case and recharges it to keep you going.

You can even plug the USB lead into it to restock the Back Pack’s energy while it’s still working on your phone. As an added bonus, this will also sync your iPhone with your computer.

The device’s rechargeable battery holds 1700mAh and has a four-light LED display to show how much charge is left.

“The new TurboCharger Back Pack is perfect for the serious iPhone user, securely attaching straight to the back of your iPhone 4 and doubling its battery life,” said Guy Monson, MD of Proporta.

The Proporta TurboCharger Back Pack costs £49.95 and is available now.