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XtremeMac adds iPhone 4 cases

xtrememac iphone 4 tuffwrap accent case
xtrememac iphone 4 tuffwrap accent case

xtrememac_iphone_4_tuffwrap_accent_caseXtremeMac has announced a new selection of iPhone 4 cases: The Tuffwrap range; Microshield range; Hybrid; Customize; and Borders. The Apple accessories and audio kit manufacturer says they “provide style, functionality, and protection” and with such a big collection they should easily hit those points between them…

The Tuffwrap
“Form-fitting silicone cases that provide protection, ultimate style and quality.  The durable and smooth silicone material ensures that the case will not stretch over time and allows it to slide in and out of pockets easily. The original Tuffwrap case is available in 4 solid colours – green, pink, blue or black.”


The Tuffwrap Accent
“Provides the same style and protection as the original Tuffwrap but adds extra flare with a black back and borders in multiple colours.”

The Tuffwrap Tatu
“These cases feature either a cool block or pink flower design on the back.”


The Microshield
“This impact resistant model is an ultra-thin hard plastic case that blends simplicity, style, and protection. The cases are available in clear, blue and pink. 

The Microshield Accent
“The accent boasts a clear back with colourful borders in black, pink or green. 


The Microshield Tatu
“For an even more stylised way to protect your iPhone 4, this case offers a clear back with an etched block or flower design.”

The Hybrid
“This unique XtremeMac case combines a clear hard-plastic base with a rubber overlay to form a protective case with a unique block tiled design available in black, pink and green.

The Customize
“Similar to the Hybrid, XtremeMac’s case includes two rubber borders in pink/purple or green/black and two hard plastic backs that can be interchanged to create four different case options to suit the users’ ever-changing style.”

“These two-pack durable rubber borders wrap around the edge of the iPhone 4 for added grip and comfort. They are available in black/green or pink/purple colour combinations.”

The XtremeMac iPhone 4 cases range from $19.99 to $39.99 U.S. MSRP and are available online.