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French TVs get interactive

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netgem_logoToshiba and Netgem are launching a multifunction adapter that provides access to Toshiba Places. This is the first deployment of Toshiba Places and you won’t need a Tosh TV to use it – simply connect Netgem’s adapter to any flat screen TV.

The product will be available on October 2010 – but only in France. However, the two companies said it will be released in other European countries in 2011.

The multifunction device enables users to connect their digital TVs to “a world of online interactive services”, which have been “fully optimised” for the TV experience.

The adapter will have an RRP of €99 (around £83), while Toshiba Places will also be available via the Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet.

Using the adapter, consumers will be able to:
* Access video on demand
* Share multimedia content
* Connect to services and information from the internet
* Use Ethernet, WiFi and HDMI connections
* Fill up 4GB of onboard Flash memory
* Watch TV using a DTT-HD tuner.

“This is the first success for our ‘Netbox inside’ strategy, said Christophe Aulnette, MD at Netgem. “Our vision is that one day all TVs will be connected to the internet.”