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Apple working on iPhone 5?

iphone 4 white
iphone 4 white

iphone-4-whiteApple has started working on a successor to its sometimes-working iPhone 4, according to a blog of note.

The new iPhone could get Near Field Communication (NFC) added to its list of wondrous things, after digital media blog Scribble noted that there was a new man in charge of m-commerce, Benjamin Vigier, at the Cuprinol-based tech outfit.

NFC has the potential to turn a smartphone into a credit/debit-card. This leads to speculation that Apple fanboys will be able to use their iPhone 5 to buy an iPhone 6.

Scribble pointed out that Apple has a number of patents surronding NFC, none of which have anything to do with 11 herbs and spices or indeed chicken.

While some banks have been using NFC for some of their products, having NFC on an iPhone would bring the technology into the mainstream. Yeah, in a few years no-one will stare blankly at you when you mention NFC!