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Samsung makes 3D portable

Samsung BD C8000 portable Blu ray player
Samsung BD C8000 portable Blu ray player

Samsung_BD-C8000_portable_Blu-ray_playerSamsung has created a portable Blu-ray player that can also handle 3D. Before you get all excited about wandering around with 3D glasses on watching that extra dimension, the Samsung BD-C8000 only offers 3D playback when it’s connected to a 3D-compatible TV.

So the 3D element may not be portable, but including that technology in a portable device is an industry first, Samsung claims.

Specifications for the Samsung BD-C8000 include:
* 10.3-inch screen
* Full 1080p HD resolution
* HDMI 1.4a connection for 3D Blu-ray playback.

The player will have a recommended retail price of $499.99 in America (almost £320).