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Onkyo radios for iPod support

Onkyo CBX 600UKD ipod dock DAB CD
Onkyo CBX 600UKD ipod dock DAB CD

Onkyo_CBX-600UKD_ipod_dock_DAB_CDGear4 might be updating its HouseParty iPod dock, but Onkyo has been stacking together some quality components to create its own. Naturally, those quality components cost money – with the Onkyo CBX-600UKD iPod Dock setting you back a cool £349.99. So what do you get for your money?

Well, Onkyo’s new iPod docking station offers FM, DAB+ and CD playback, all from a package that measures a “sideboard-friendly” 202mm deep.

Key specs include:
* MP3/WMA-compatible CD
* Slide out dock
* Top-loading, dust-proof, slot-in CD drive
* RDS FM/DAB+ tuner with 30 presets
* Alarm clock functionality with four timer modes
* Anti-vibration Separated Speaker construction
* Aero Acoustic Drive
* 2x 10w power amplifiers
* 11-step bass/treble control
* 3-step SuperBass control
* 1x Headphone jack
* 1 x 3.5mm Aux in

The Onkyo CBX-600UKD will be available from October 2010 and comes in black or white.