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Gear4 Takes HouseParty Up A Notch

Gear4 houseparty 5 frnt
Gear4 houseparty 5 frnt

Gear4_houseparty_5_frntGear4 might want to change its name to Gear5, given the rate its products are being released. The company recently added a fifth model to its home stereo speaker range, as HouseParty 5 arrives to offer iPod and iPhone owners “explosive sound and design in one”.

Two tweeters also add a wider frequency range and improved high frequency performance.

“The HouseParty 5’s exposed yellow drivers and backlit touch-sensitive controls give this powerful speaker a unique look to compliment its powerful sound,” a Gear4 spokesman said.

Other specs include
 * Line-in port to play any MP3 or MP4 players
* Dedicated bass ports for enhanced audio performance at low end frequencies.
* Automatic charging for docked iPhones or iPods.

Tesco sells the Gear4 HouseParty 5 for just £69.97.