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Review: Logic3 i-Station TimeCube Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod

logic3 timecube
logic3 timecube

If you are looking for an alarm clock that doubles as an iPod dock then Logic3 has one up its (wide) sleeves.

The TimeCube costs £32.99 and is a compact alarm clock radio and speaker system for your iPhone or iPod. Available in two colours (black or white), this speaker system with a built-in FM radio will also recharge your iPhone or iPod and is very small (only 90mm cubed) saving a chunk of space on your bedside cabinet.

Its large digital screen display is in warm orange with a dimmer control function, it also features two alarms with sleep and snooze functions, and you can choose to wake up to either your iPhone or iPod, the radio or the buzzer. It also features a weekday alarm that won’t wake you up on the weekend.

It features a 4 Watts RMS FM Radio with 6 memory presets. The alarm can either be set to your iPod/iPhone, FM radio or buzzer. The alarm’s volume can also be set so it won’t blast you out of bed (or it can if that’s want you want!). The display is bright but not so bright that it acts as an unwanted nightlight.

While it takes a while to set up the date time, alarm and radio presets, once you are done you can forget about it. Also in testing we found the sound quality to be much better than our current Sony favourite.

Overall, a very useful alarm clock with the added bonus of being able to recharge your iPhone overnight.. The TimeCube is available from Amazon.

Rating: 9/10