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Design your own smart car

smart iphone app car designer
smart iphone app car designer

smart_iphone_app_car_designerFirst thing to do with that new iPhone? Change you’re career to car designer. OK, so maybe we’re overestimating the new free app from smart, but the iconic automotive maker has launched an iPhone application that allows you to pimp its rides. 

Inspired by the smart Brabus tailor made service, which allows owners to put their individual stamp on their car, the app offers three design features: Design Your Own; Surprise Me; and Find Your Inner Smart.
The Design Your Own option allows you to customise 13 different exterior components and seven interior sections of the car, using any colour in the RGB spectrum.

Those looking for some design inspiration can simply shake their handset to create a differently styled smart. The Surprise Me option responds to movement, meaning the more vigorously it’s shook, the more the design will vary.

For a bit of fun, users can find their Inner Smart by taking a quick personality quiz to establish which smart model they are most like. 

Designs can be saved and shared with friends and family via email or MMS.