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Turn you iPad into a notebook

clamcase ipad
clamcase ipad

clamcase-ipadYou may well be considering buying one of Job’s new-fangled iPads, but are put off by the lack of physical keyboard (can’t think why you would be in that situation?). Fear not, ClamCase is on the, err, case.

The new ClamCase protects the iPad in a hinged case, making it look just like a netbook. It also has a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard you can use instead of the virtual keyboard that comes with the iPad.

It also converts the iPad into a photo stand for when you eventually get board of the lack of features (and the expense).

The accessory won’t be in the shops until late summer and there is no word on pricing. But rest-assued, once you have bought an iPad and shelled out hard cash for a ClamCase, why didn’t you just go and buy a MacBook?

P.S. Luckily the ClamCase will also work with the PS3, TiVo and any computers with a Bluetooth connection.