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TalkTalk pushes up phone charges

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old school phone

old-school_phoneAs one telecom firm would tell you, it’s good to talk. However, if you’re a TalkTalk customer you might have to start making later calls to take advantage of a cheap off-peak rate. That’s because the firm is changing its off-peak call time from 6pm to 7pm from June 1.

It’s a worrying trend. According to comparison website uSwitch there are eight million people in the UK who make most of their calls between 6pm and 7pm.

A uSwitch survey of 2,400 phone users calculates that charging normal rates at that time adds an average weekly cost of £8.66 a week, or £450 a year.

Those on evening and weekend calling plans will be most affected as their free calls after 6pm will be replaced with recently increased daytime charges running until 7pm.

Virgin Media said it had no plans to make a similar change to offpeak times. BT made the change back in April.