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FIFA cans goal-line technology

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Fifa_logoFootball’s official body FIFA has come to a decision over the use of goal-line technology – it won’t be sticking cameras in the back of the net. “The board concluded that goal-line technology would not be pursued,” an official statement said. There had also been talk of using a similar system to the one employed in tennis, which detects if a ball is over the line.

However, a statement from FIFA’s general secretary Jerome Valcke seemed to make it clear that the decision was final.

“The door is closed,” Valcke said. “The decision was not to go ahead with technology at all.”

Ironically, the decision came on a day when a goal by Birmingham City against Portsmouth in the FA Cup was ruled out – even though camera replays showed that it crossed the line.

Birmingham manager Alex McLeish described FIFA’s decision as “frustrating”.

“They look at a lot of other things that everybody thinks is nonsense so I’ve got to say that is a frustrating comment,” he told ITV.

“I’ve always been an advocate of it and have backed it for a long, long time now. I’m not saying we look at every aspect and disrupt the game unnecessarily but that’s an easy one that’s a little bit like Hawkeye in tennis.”