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World’s First Sound System for Pets

Pet Acoustics My Speaker
Pet Acoustics My Speaker

Pet_Acoustics_My_SpeakerBryan Wilson’s Pet Sounds wasn’t really written with the animal kingdom in mind. But if Pet Acoustics is to be believed, that classic album could be translated into a version animals would enjoy.

The company claims to have created the world’s first sound system designed to support the hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats and horses – called My Pet Speaker.

Co-founder of Pet Acoustics, Janet Marlow, said the “revolutionary speaker system” is designed to cater to a pet’s delicate hearing.

“My Pet Speaker transforms your personal music library into pet-friendly tunes that soothe and relax dogs, cats, horses and their people,” Marlow said.

Marlow said that with their acute sense, animals can hear frequencies that are both much higher and much lower than what the human ear is capable of picking up, and that sounds outside their normal comfort range can startle or cause discomfort to pets.

To eliminate those unsettling frequencies, My Pet Speaker features an Omni-directional speaker with a 4-inch drive unit and cone reflector that disburses the music in 360 degrees “recreating how animals hear in nature”.

“By producing limited frequencies and featuring a soft bass design for listening comfort, your pets will not be startled or disturbed by jarring volumes and piercing sounds that put them on alert,” Marlow added.  

“This allows you to use your entire music library to fill you and your pets’ environment with a sense of calm and relaxation.”

Specifications for My Pet Speaker include:
* Size (DxWxH): 12.5-inches x 9.84 inches x 12.6-inches
* Weight (excluding transformer): 5Kg
* Frequency response: 200Hz ~ 12KHz
* Backside buttons to avoid pets contact with operation panel
* Stable base design to prevent easy knock down by pets
* Real wood veneers
* 3.5mm input jack to work with most music devices.